H.E Bramwel Kisuya hosted a troop of girl scouts of the American School in Pozuelo, Madrid on 13th February 2015 at the Embassy premises (Chancery). The girl scouts will participate in the International World Thinking Day that is observed every year in February. This year the troop will be representing Kenya under the theme ‘We can create peace through partnerships’. The theme is based on the United Nations Millennium Development Goal MDG 8: To develop a global partnership for development. The students were accompanied by three members of teaching staff.

During the visit a presentation was organized by Embassy Staff to show case Kenyan culture, tourist attractions and educational achievements using audiovisual material, banners, clips, photographs, artefacts and a sample of Kenyan cuisine. The programme allowed an interactive plenary session whereby various aspects of Kenyan lifestyle, culture and linguistic components were explored. The group was captivated by the Maasai, Miji Kenda, Borana and Luo dances that were displayed in the Bomas of Kenya audiovisual material.

A sample of various Kenyan indigenous musical instruments was presented to the group among them Kayamba, drums (ngoma), nyatiti, percussions and others. The Kenyan fabric ‘leso (khanga)’ was presented to them. This entailed a display of leso samples and their uses among various Kenyan communities for example the use of leso as ceremonial attire and daily wear as well as the main elements of the Kenyan cuisine. A cross section of Kenyan landscapes was exhibited among them Mt. Kenya, Karura forest, savannah plains, a typical Kenyan rural countryside and modern set up of Nairobi.

In their reactions, both the students and teachers appreciated the warm welcome accorded to them and the rich and informative presentations made. The students were unanimous that Kenya is the place to be and expressed the wish to visit Kenya to explore her beauty and hospitality.

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