Economic Diplomacy

Economic Diplomacy is a key pillar of Kenya’s Foreign Policy. Since independence, Kenya has encouraged foreign capital and investment flows for socio-economic development. The Country’s Foreign Policy has been the main vehicle in the mobilization of the required capital.

The launch of Kenya Vision 2030 in 2006 aimed at providing a framework for propelling Kenya to attain the middle income status. The instrument guides Kenya in attracting existing and emerging opportunities for accelerating socio-economic development and growth.

Full involvement of international traders and investors, will require effective diplomatic engagement. Kenya’s Missions abroad use economic diplomacy more than ever before to attract capital, enhance industrialization and promote trade.

The Kenya Embassy in Madrid is alive to this fact and is fully committed to enhancing bilateral relations with the Kingdom of Spain in areas of high potential such as:

  1. Trade and investment;
  2. Tourism and;
  3. Education, culture, health, science & technology.

Why Kenya is undisputed destination of choice for trade and investment


The country has put in place one of the most progressive constitution in the world with real checks and balances to ensure stability and the rule of law.

Friendly Business Environment

  • Exchange controls fully liberalized and market driven
  • Generous investment and capital allowance
  • Remission for customs and VAT
  • Manufacturing under bond
  • Export processing zone status
  • Protection and promotion of internationally recognized investment agreements
  • Guaranteed repatriation of capital and profits

Strategic Location

  • Well developed physical infrastructure to facilitate trade
  • Plenty of educated, well trained skillful human resource
  • Easy reach of huge  export markets, namely; the East African Community(EAC) with a population of  approx. 126 million, Common Market for the Eastern and Southern Africa(COMESA) with a population of approx. 400 million, easy access to Middle East, Europe and Asia by sea and air routes.

World Heritage

  • Unique tourist attractions including the Masai Mara and the Nairobi National Park, the world´s only wildlife park in a city
  • World class refreshing entertainment facilities such as the coastal hotels on the whitesand beaches

Multilateral Investment Guarantee

  •  Kenya is a member of the World Bank- affiliated Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) which issues guarantee against non-commercial risks to enterprises that invest in member countries

International Centre for Settlement of Disputes (ICSID)

  • The facility enables amicable solutions to disputes which may arise from investment ventures

Africa Trade Investment Agency

  • Kenya is a member of the facility. It safeguards investors from risks.

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