At the onset, I take this opportunity to thank His Excellency the President of The Republic of Kenya, H.E Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, for appointing me as his representative to the Kingdom of Spain. This is a great honour and I commit to give my best in service to the nation of Kenya, in fostering closer more fruitful relationships with the government and the people of the Kingdom of Spain.

I wish to extend sincere gratitude to the staff at the Mission, who over the years, have made exceptional contributions towards enhancing relations with the government and people of Spain. I am therefore committed to build on this strong foundation laid by my predecessors to build mutually beneficial partnerships with various stakeholders in Spain. Their efforts have also contributed to increased Kenyan diaspora participation in national development, through timely information sharing and constant interactions. The Kenyan Diaspora will remain a key driver of the relations with the Spanish society due to their day to day linkages with the people of Spain.

The key development priorities for Kenya are espoused under the Big Four Agenda with the areas of focus being enhanced Manufacturing, affordable Housing, universal Health provision and Food Security. These areas will therefore form the basis for engagement with the government of Spain, the private sector and other stakeholders in Spain. The Mission will be keen to facilitate collaboration between institutions in Spain and Kenya and create opportunities for skills and technology transfer, investments and sharing of best practices in these priority areas under the big four agenda.

At the multilateral level, Kenya and Spain share a common belief in multilateralism and are strong advocates for the full implementation of the sustainable development goals. The Mission will be at the forefront in enhancing this collaboration at the multilateral level with an aim of building global consensus and concerted action in confronting the challenges facing humanity including climate change. Kenya is committed to continue playing its leadership role in enhancing peace and security in the horn of Africa region. The Mission will therefore be keen to facilitate collaboration with Spain both at the bilateral and multilateral level in supporting peace efforts in the region as well as other parts of the world.

There is no doubt that there are immense opportunities for building mutually beneficial relations between the two countries in the social economic sphere. However, we must be ready to address challenges that may hinder full realisation of these opportunities.  To this end, it shall be my singular objective, during my tour of duty, to clearly communicate the aspirations of the Kenyan leadership in its quest to build a just and prosperous society. I will also be at the forefront in facilitating the implementation of bilateral programs and projects supported by the Spanish stakeholders in Kenya with an aim of supporting Kenya’s development priorities.

During my tenure, I will play a proactive role in enhancing further the existing ties between our two countries especially in the areas of trade, tourism, environmental conservation, education, health, infrastructure development, food security, sports and culture. To achieve these objectives, I call upon all Kenyans both here in Spain and at home, to come forward and evaluate areas of interest for them and work with the mission to build robust networks and linkages with Spanish institutions and individuals in various sectors to advance sustainable growth and prosperity of our society.

I look forward to continuously engaging and serving you all during my tour. God bless.

H.E. Richard A. Opembe