The Kenya Government  has begun the  implementation of  a new e-Passport issuing system with effect from 1st September 2017 in conformity with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Applicants will be required to submit applications online on the e-Citizen platform  visit  and present the necessary documentation to the Kenya Embassy in Madrid for processing.

Kindly note that the current passports will be in use until 31st August 2019 after which they will no longer be valid.

The Kenyan passport is a Government document issued to Kenyan citizens only.

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New Passport (Adult)

Click to download Passport Form 19

Submission Requirements:

The application must contain ALL of the following:

  •  Original passport
  •  Fill in the supplied form in capital letters
  •  Copy of Birth Certificate (both sides)
  •  Copy of New generation Kenyan ID (both sides)
  •  Four (4) photographs (5×6 cm) taken within the last 3 months
  •  Non-refundable fee of €55.00. Attach proof of payment
  • Self-addressed, stamped or pre-paid envelope for postage after processing. o Indicate telephone number and e-mail for contact purposes.Note: processing time is 6-8 weeks

Payment for application should be made to the bank account of the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Spain:

  • Bank: La Caixa
  • Account holder: Embajada de la República de Kenia
  •  Account nº: ES53 2100 9055 1807 0000 5786

New Passport (Children under 18)

Additional requirements:


Lost or Mutilated Passport Form

Additional requirements:

  • Copy of police abstract indicating the loss and a translation of the same if not already in English
  • Application letter comprehensively explaining when, where and the circumstances under which the passport got lost or mutilated
  • Copy of lost passport
  • Letter addressed to the Ambassador explaining the loss of the Passport and requesting for issuance of replacement
  • Additional documentary proof of Kenya citizenship may be required if necessary
  • Lost Passport : Non-refundable fee of €145.00. Attach proof of payment
  • Mutilated Passport : Non-refundable fee of €120.00. Attach proof of payment